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Our Services

ICARO COLOMBIA, a professional services company specializing in advisory, consultancy, and management services, handles operational, technical, logistical, and foreign trade processes for the import and export of aircraft, parts, and components, all tailored to our clients' needs. We represent companies and aircraft with foreign registration for air operations in Colombia and abroad, in accordance with standards, requirements, and procedures established by national and foreign authorities that ensure airworthiness in Colombia for any type of aircraft. We offer an all-in-one solution and operate directly.

Customs Brokerage



  • Definitive
  • Temporary
  • Inspections/Overhaul
  • Replacement
  • Leasing


  • Definitive
  • Temporary
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Leasing

Legal Matters

National Directorate of Taxes and Customs

Freight Forwarding


Freight Coordination


  • International Logistics
  • National Logistics
  • International Transport – AOG
  • Receiving and Dispatching of Cargo

Air Carrier-Muisca

  • Cargo Manifest (Aircraft Import – Export)

Air Operation


Registration and Operation

  • Operation of Foreign Aircraft in Colombia
  • Operation of Nationalized Aircraft
  • Special Stay Permits
  • Airworthiness
  • FBO-Handling

Legal Matters

Civil Aviation of Colombia and National Anti-Narcotics Police

MUISCA Carrier

  • Notice of Aircraft Arrival
  • Aircraft Arrival Notice

Legal Advisory

  • General Contracts (Leasing, Sub-Operation, Commodatum)
  • Operation Registry
  • Property Registry in Colombia/Abroad
  • Modes of Operation
  • Overseas Process Consultancy
  • Processes of the National Anti-Narcotics Police

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Why Choose Us?

At ICARO COLOMBIA, the client has everything in one place. Our consultancy brings together all the qualities, knowledge, and strategic alliances that deliver results in every aspect, consolidating them into a single service. The client is advised from the purchase of the aircraft until its delivery, achieving the unique goal for each individual, which is summarized in FLYING whether for business or passion.


More than 30 years in the market


Only company in the country offering this service


Aeronautical, customs, and logistics sector

Track record

Advising large companies or business groups

About Us

ICARO COLOMBIA: A Company with Comprehensive Structure and Management At ICARO COLOMBIA, we offer an all-inclusive approach to aviation services, consolidating everything in one place. Renowned for our excellence, we boast a strong reputation driven by our extensive experience and expertise, which instills security and peace of mind in our clients for exceptional outcomes. We provide constant guidance and support throughout the aircraft management process, ensuring clients are expertly advised and accompanied every step of the way. Our services encompass aircraft purchase and sale administration, temporary importation for operations in Colombia with both foreign and domestic registration, operational control, exportation, and contract finalization in alignment with operator objectives. We design processes and provide guidance for seamless aviation operations, enhancing airworthiness. Additionally, we excel in handling capital assets, transportation means, machinery, and equipment. Choose ICARO COLOMBIA for a distinguished partner in aviation services.